‘How to’ Guide

Creating a Case



  • After clicking on Registration Button. You got Email with a subject containing “Your username and password” with a link to set up a password. Simply click on a link to set up a password.


  • Login – Now you will be able to login to the website, by using login details, you set up as per abovesaid instructions.
  • Welcome Screen – After login, you will be redirected to welcome page, where you can found two buttons – one for creating a new case, other for to check previous case status. Create a support case by clicking on  “Create a case” button.


  • Now you will be redirected to a new page containing “Support case form”. Fill all relevant details and submit the form.


  • Good Job! now you can see a support case is created and assigned to the responsible member of Grievance Redressal Cell of concerned college.


Case Progress & Disposal

  • Case progress – You can see case progress after clicking on Ticket details.


  • Case Status: Case status will be updated automatically after getting a reply from admin staff. You can also submit your reply on the same page.
  • Email notifications – Email notifications will be automatically sent to both admin and users emails. These notifications will be sent, whenever a reply is submitted from either side.


  • Disposal of grievance –  When case/issue is solved, case status will be automatically changed from “Pending” to “Solved” state


  •  After checking case status or sending reply to case, do not forget to “Log Out” from website


End of “How to” Guide. If any questions or issue about “How to” guide, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]