JCDV online Grievance Redressal System is an online grievance management system used to receive and act on grievances reported by students/parents/faculty/stakeholders of JCDV or persons related with colleges/institutes in JCDV.

Private & Secure

The system is a ticket based system. To create a grievance case, the user has to register on the website.  We make registration compulsory so that privacy will be maintained and there will be no fake cases. In nut-shell all grievances cases will be private and protected. Nobody else then Support member or Supervisor can see case details.

3-level monitoring

Grievance Redressal cases are handled directly by responsible staff of concerned college/institute. There is 3-level handling/monitoring of grievance cases. Addition to responsible staff (support member), there are Grievances Redressal Supervisors and on all above these, there is Grievances Redressal Administrator. So we take care that Grievance Redressal System helps to pursue a quick action for solving the grievance while maintaining affordability and ease to the users.

Extra Features

  1. Two-way system – Users can create a case on the website https://help.jcdv.edu.in/ or by just sending an email to [email protected]
  2. Automated System – Whenever a ticket is created by the user, an automated email is sent to concerned college support member and a copy is also sent to support supervisor and administrator.
  3. Quick Disposal – The user will get notifications as soon as the support case/ ticket is replied from either side. After addressing and fixing the issue of the case, this can be closed to “solved” state by reporter or staff.
  4. Easy & Self Explanatory System –  We make the system in such way that this is super easy and self-explanatory. To use the system, no extra knowledge or skills are required. Within a few clicks, users can register their case.
  5.  “How to” Guide –  Additionally, we make a simple documentation for how to use the system  https://help.jcdv.edu.in/how-to-guide/